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"Graduating RASP and becoming a Ranger goes a lot further and deeper than just earning a tan beret. For me, it was becoming part of something special, a tighter more closer knit brotherhood. To be a part of the Rangers already long and illustrious history. To carry on the Ranger legacy and continue to set the example for others to follow"

SGT Deblasio - Honor Graduate

RASP 1 Class 04-19

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Enlisted Soldiers

Junior enlisted Rangers are intelligent, disciplined, physically fit and well trained Soldiers. They possess enhanced combat skills and exceptional proficiency in infantry special operations tactics, techniques and procedures. Junior enlisted Rangers are the future of the Regiment and the Army.

Ranger NCOs are among the most experienced in the Army. They have multiple combat deployments and intense training experience. Their expertise and leadership are critical in planning and executing combat operations. NCOs also prepare junior enlisted Rangers for combat by emphasizing discipline and training. They have extensive schooling with a broad background of conventional to special operations experience. NCOs ensure continued mission success and offer unique expertise for assignments in other Army units. 


The Regiment's commissioned officers bring exceptional leadership and operational expertise to the unit. They possess a variety of experience in conventional and special operations units and have extensive special skills training. Ranger officers are second-time platoon leaders, company commanders and battalion commanders. They take valuable lessons learned in combat and tactics, techniques and procedures with them to their next assignments. 

Warrant Officers

Ranger Warrant Officers provide technical expertise to commanders and staff's facilitating mutual Army and SOF specific requirements to Rangers. Their experience, knowledge, and training provide crucial links that assist synchronizing key functions and operations in the Ranger Regiment. Ranger Warrants reside at various levels in Logistics, Military Intelligence, Signal, Human Resources, and Fires positions throughout the Regiment.  


Everyone is a Ranger First

Regardless of career field, everyone goes through a RASP (Ranger Assessement and Selection Program). Everyone earns the tan beret and Ranger scroll. Our all-volunteer force is comprised of more than 60 enlisted MOSs and over 40 officer/warrant officer positions. 

There are more than 100 ways to serve as a Ranger 

All Ranger candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a U.S Citizen 

  • Active Duty Army Soldiers with no pending UCMJ action 

  • (National Guard/Reserve Soldiers please call recruiter for specific RASP questions)

  • GT Score of 105 or higher (waiver case by case)

  • Airborne Qualified or agree to attend airborne training prior to assignment

  • Eligible to obtain a secret clearance

  • Pass physical requirements which include the Ranger Fitness Test (58 push-ups, 69 sit-ups, run 5 miles in 40 minutes or less, 6 pull-ups), Water Assessment, and 12 mile foot-march with a 35lb rucksack and weapon in 3 hours or less. 

Initial Entry soldiers can obtain an assignment to the 75th Ranger Regiment by signing a Ranger Option 40 contract. An Option 40 contract guarantees you attendance to RASP 1 at the completion of your specific Basic Training and AIT. You will attend airborne school immediately following successful completion of RASP 1. An Option 40 contract can be obtained for initial entry soldiers the following ways:

  • Initial Entry Soldiers can obtain a Option 40 contract through an Army Recruiter upon entry into the Army

  • Initial Entry Soldiers who did not obtain an Option 40 from their recruiter, can volunteer during Basic Training/AIT through a Ranger recruiters

    • Ft Benning

    • Ft Lee

    • Ft Huachuca 

    • Ft Gordon

    • Ft Jackson

    • Ft Sill

Active Duty junior enlisted soldiers interested in an assignment to the Ranger Regiment must contact the Ranger Recruiting Detachment at 75recruit@socom.mil or 706-545-5124. Once you have been approved for hire, you'll attend RASP 1 TDY and Return. 

National Guard/Reserve soldiers interested in coming active duty with acceptance to attend RASP 1 must contact the Ranger Recruiting Detachment at 75recruit@socom.mil or 706-545-5124. 

Staff Sergeant and above NCOs interested in an assignment to the Ranger Regiment must contact the Ranger Recruiting Detachment at 75recruit@socom.mil or 706-545-5124. NCOs will be asked to submit a hiring packet to be considered for assignment by the RSM/CSMs.

If you are approved for hire, you'll attend RASP 2 TDY and Return. 

The process time from submitting a packet and receiving word of your hire is an estimated 3-4 weeks.

Officers and Warrant Officers interested in an assignment to the Ranger Regiment should send an email to 75officerrecruit@socom.mil and follow the below procedures:

  1. Subject line of the email: "Last, First, Rank, Branch YG## - Initial/Return Application"

  2. Attachments: ORB, all OERs, and AERs and a Letter of Intent; compiled in a single PDF file. 

  3. State in the body of your email the following information: 

    • Current Duty Position and time in that position​

    • Month and year your Chain of Command supports your attendance to RASP 2

    • Any unique qualifications you have that may distinguish you from your peers

  4. Submit the initial application 3-4 months into your first Key Development Duty position in your current grade and branch. ​

  5. Final application must include a minimum of 2 x Letters of Recommendation (Rater and Senior Rater); 4187 signed by 0-6 Commander, PT Card and Pre-Screening Questionnaire. 

Contact Us

Department of the Army

75th Ranger Regiment

6350 Ashley Ave, Bldg 2852

Ft. Benning, Georgia 31905


Recruiting Hotline 706-545-5124