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Ranger Assessment and Selection Process

"The Army trained you to be a soldier, we're going to train you to be a Ranger"

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The 75th Ranger Regiment is an all volunteer unit. Every soldier must attend and successfully graduate either RASP 1 or RASP 2. Graduation earns you the tan beret,  Ranger scroll and an assignment to one of the Ranger Battalions or the Regimental Headquarters. Each program is run differently with separate criteria for attendance. The Ranger Regiment deems our RASP programs as the most important thing we do; hiring the right people. We select the best Officers, NCOs, and cadre from across the Regiment to run our RASP programs to ensure all candidates have the most professional training experience. 

To enter a RASP program, all candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen 

  • Active Duty Army Soldier with no pending UCMJ action (National Guard/Reserve Soldiers please call recruiter for specific RASP questions)

  • GT Score of 105 or higher (waiver case by case)

  • Airborne Qualified or agree to attend airborne training prior to assignment

  • Eligible to obtain a secret clearance

  • Pass physical requirements which include the Ranger Fitness Test (58 push-ups, 69 sit-ups, run 5 miles in 40 minutes or less, 6 pull-ups), Water Assessment, and 12 mile foot-march with a 35lb rucksack and weapon in 3 hours or less. 

RASP 1 is our program of instruction to assess, select and train qualified soldiers in the grade of E-1 through E5 for ingratiation and assignment into the 75th Ranger Regiment. RASP 1 is an eight week program that establishes a solid foundation of advanced individual skills, weapons training, and discipline needed for entry level Rangers into our Regiment. Our cadre will assess and select candidates while training them to be successful Rangers through Regimental standards and leadership. Following successful completion of RASP 1, Rangers will earn the coveted Ranger scroll and the tan beret. 

Soldiers that attend RASP 1 fall into one of the following categories:

  • Initial Entry Soldiers with an Option 40 contract obtained from an Army Recruiter 

  • Initial Entry Soldiers that have volunteer for an Option 40 contract at Basic Training/AIT through one of our Ranger recruiters

  • Active Duty Soldier that have been approved for hire into the Regiment (attend RASP 1 TDY and Return)

  • National Guard/Reserve Soldiers that have been approved for hire (must contact Regimental Recruiting Detachment)

RASP 2 is our three-week assessment program for active duty soldiers in the rank of Staff Sergeant and above, and all officers volunteering for assignment to the 75th Ranger Regiment. RASP 2 teaches them the operational techniques and standards of the unit. This course provides training in special tactics, equipment, and missions that make the Regiment unique. RASP 2 is both physically and mentally challenging. The smaller class construct allows our cadre the ability to closely assess candidates throughout the entire three-week course. Upon successful completion of RASP 2, applicants will be assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment. 

Contact Us

Department of the Army

75th Ranger Regiment

6350 Ashley Ave, Bldg 2852

Ft. Benning, Georgia 31905


Recruiting Hotline 706-545-5124