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Pre-Ranger Assessment and Selection Program

The Pre-RASP Program is designed to prepare soldiers to successfully pass RASP 1. All candidates reporting to RASP 1 will enter into the Pre-Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (Pre-RASP).  Candidates will complete all in-processing and administrative requirements prior to starting RASP 1. During Pre-RASP, candidates will participate in Cadre led physical training sessions twice daily. These sessions include push-up/sit-up/5 mile run improvement and ruck marches of increasing length in preparation for the critical events of RASP 1 while building overall fitness in line with the RAW (Ranger Athlete Warrior) program. All candidates will be administered a Psychological Evaluation. On the Tuesday prior to the first day of RASP 1, all members of Pre-RASP will execute a Physical Fitness Test. The minimum standard to class up to RASP 1 is 53 push-ups, 63 sit-ups, 14:30 2 mile run, and 4 pull ups. 




Attached is the Pre-RASP PT Program that is used to prepare all candidates while assigned to Pre-RASP. It is a five week program that focuses on improving the overall physical fitness of candidates in line with the RAW (Ranger Athlete Warrior) program. 

Department of the Army

75th Ranger Regiment

6350 Ashley Ave, Bldg 2852

Ft. Benning, Georgia 31905


Recruiting Hotline 706-545-5124